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  • Caleb Finck

Rep. Finck - Week 8 Legislative Update - 2022

We have wrapped up Week 8 of the legislative session with only this week to go before we are finished with our work for the Session. Here is a quick update on the bills that I still have moving forward in the process. HB 1306 is the bill to add additional funding to the Rural Access Infrastructure Grants. This bill was heard in the Senate Appropriations committee this past week and was amended down from $50.7M to $25M and was passed. This bill will continue to be apart of the ongoing budget negotiations this next week, but I am confident we will be able to move it to the finish line with at least partial funding for our township and county small structure projects. The rest of the legislation that I still had alive in the process has all moved forward and either waits for concurrence by the Senate or House or is awaiting signature or veto by Governor Noem. Finally, this week is budget week and many people ask me, why does the legislature always wait until the last few days to pass the State Budget? The most important reason we wait, is the fact that if we wait until later in session we will have revenue collection numbers for December, January, and part of February. This will allow us to better forecast what revenue will do in the future and allow us to build a much more accurate budget. This is also why the Governor gives us a budget proposal in December, knowing that by the end of the legislative session the proposal will change. We also, and especially this year, have many separate bills outside of the budget that propose spending. Due to the legislative deadlines we must have those bills passed by the beginning of the last week. Those bills must be considered in the overall budget due to the constitutional requirement that we pass a balanced budget. These are all reasons that the budget comes together the last week after much consideration throughout the session. If you would like any additional information on these or any other issues, please contact me by email at or call me at 605-933-2042. Have a great week!

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