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  • Caleb Finck

Rep. Finck - Week 7 Legislative Update - 2022

We have wrapped up Week 7 of the legislative session with only 2 more weeks to go before we are finished with our work for the Session. The work now begins to focus on our appropriations process as we need to finalize the changes to the FY2022 budget and set the budget for the upcoming FY2023 budget. That includes HB1071 that I am bringing to fix the drainage issue with Lake Andes. This week we will be Tabling HB1071 as the project is going to be moved over into Senate Bill 50 which contains other similar state projects. This will simplify things for us at the end of the session by having one bill that deals with state storm water projects, rather than several. The next legislative deadline that we need to meet is our Second Crossover day, which is next week Monday. This means that any bills that have made it from the Senate to the House, and likewise for House bills that made it to the Senate, need to have their committee hearing by the end of this week. Having the second crossover day allows for us to have time next week for Conference Committees. Conference Committees are created when a bill comes back to its chamber of origin and is in a different form. At that point, 3 members of the House and 3 members of the Senate would be appointed to a conference committee and would meet to work out a compromise. Then the compromise would be taken back to the chambers and if it is accepted by both, the bill heads to the Governor. If the changes are not accepted, then another conference committee can be appointed to try a second compromise and if that fails, the bill is dead. If you would like any additional information on these or any other issues, please contact me by email at or call me at 605-933-2042. Have a great week!

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