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Rep. Finck - Week 6 Legislative Update - 2022

The 6th week of the 2022 legislative session is now past us and we are onto crossover week! I anticipate that we will likely have 50 or so bills to hear on the house floor this week before the end of crossover day on Wednesday. This is the point in session where bills and appropriations move quickly so here is a quick update on where my prime sponsored bills are in the process. House bill 1070 and Senate bill 5 have passed both chambers and have been signed by the Governor. Senate bill 87 has passed both chambers and is awaiting the Governor's signature. House bill 1306 includes $50.7M for the Rural Access Infrastructure Grant program over 5 years and has passed out of House Appropriations and will be debated on the House Floor on Wednesday this week. House bill 1071 includes $1M for repair of the drainage pipe in Lake Andes and is awaiting action by the Joint Committee on Appropriations. Senate bills 19 and 118 deal with medical marijuana in health facilities and medical marijuana testing labs, respectively. Both bills have passed the Senate and are awaiting a hearing in the House Health and Human Services committee. Senate bill 176 is an act to revise provisions regarding self-propelled agriculture units. This bill would remove the requirement that some self-propelled sprayers and fertilizer spreaders be licensed to drive down the highways. These pieces of equipment are not easy to get titles for and are therefore difficult to get licensed in the first place and because we already exempt most of them, I believe this is a great change. This bill has passed the Senate and is scheduled for a hearing in House Transportation this week. Senate bill 198 is an act to revise provisions related to juvenile offenders. This bill does two things, first it sets up a work group of legislators and other interested parties to work over the next year to find solutions to our juvenile offender problem that we have. Second, it would repeal much of Senate bill 73 from 2016 effective July 1st of 2023 to act as a motivation for the committee and next year's legislature to accomplish some meaningful changes. This has been an ongoing problem, it's great that we are no longer incarcerating juvenile offenders at the rate that we use to, however the price that we have paid is that they are still offending, they just stay in school now. This has made a drastic negative impact on our schools and unless we produce new solutions, this problem is only going to get worse. This bill has passed the Senate State Affairs committee and will likely be debated on the Senate floor on Wednesday this week. Finally, Senate bill 201 is an act to revise provisions regarding industrial hemp and has passed the Senate Ag committee and will be debated on the Senate Floor this week. This bill provides necessary updates to our industrial hemp program after our first successful year of growing industrial hemp in South Dakota. If you would like any additional information on these issues or any other issues, please contact me by email at or call me at 605-933-2042. Have a great week!

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