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  • Caleb Finck

Rep. Finck - Week 4 Legislative Update - 2022

We have now completed right at half of the 2022 Legislative session and we are now past the deadline for new bill introduction. We are at 352 total House Bills/Resolutions and 218 Senate Bills/Resolutions which totals 570. Historically, the average number of bills in a 40-Day Session (which includes 37, 38, & 39-Day sessions) is 545 introduced bills with only an average of 300 bills or 55% of the bills getting passed by the legislature. This next week we have one important deadline to meet and that will happen on February 15th. Tuesday the 15th is the last day for the Joint Committee on Appropriations to select the General Fund revenue targets. After Tuesday we will know how many dollars will be available for the Fiscal Year 2023 budget and we will then begin the final stages of deciding what will be funded and what will not. This is quite the process due to the fact that the State General Fund has 16 separate revenue sources that must all be forecasted to generate the total General Fund target. Additionally, at the same time, we will be revising the current revenue forecast for the Fiscal Year 2022 and making adjustments to the current years budget. This past weekend we had four great Cracker Barrels in District 21 where we talked through a variety of questions. We did have one question that I needed some time to go look up and that was regarding where a person can sign up to be notified of when state agencies are proposing new administrative rules. The answer to this can be found on the website There you can sign up for email notification of when and what new administrative rules are being proposed and when the public hearings will be held for them. Finally, last week several of my prime sponsored bills had action and here is a summary of those actions. SB 5 an act to revise acceptable conduct related to the medical use of cannabis was passed by the House last week and is now on the Governors desk awaiting her signature. SB 6 an act to revise provisions related to prohibited conduct by schools and landlords related to medical cannabis passed the Senate Committee and now awaits a vote by the full Senate. SB 7 an act to revise provisions related to custody and visitation rights by medical cannabis cardholders passed the Senate and now moves to a House Committee. SB 19 an act to permit certain facilities to establish reasonable restrictions related to the medical use of cannabis has passed the full Senate and now moves to a House Committee. HB 1070 an act to clarify certain provisions of the rural access infrastructure improvements grant program passed out of the Senate Transportation unanimously and now heads to the Senate floor on the consent calendar. HB 1071 an act to make an appropriation for maintaining the drainage of Lake Andes and to declare an emergency is scheduled for House Transportation Committee this week Tuesday. If you would like any additional information on these issues or any other issues, please contact me by email at or call me at 605-933-2042. Have a great week!

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