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  • Caleb Finck

Rep. Finck - Week 1 Legislative Update - 2022

The first full week of the 2022 session is now behind us, and here are a few things to note. Governor Noem gave another great State of the State address highlighting the choices that we have made over the past year and bringing forth new challenges going forward this legislative session. She reminded us of Thomas Jefferson famously outlining our founding ideal in the Declaration of Independence: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The Governors full speech was built around this theme and can be re-watched at SD.Net under the Archives tab. Pursuant to the first of those founding ideals, Life, the Governor announced her intention to bring forth legislation that would ban abortions once a heartbeat can be detected. I thank the Governor for bringing this important issue forward and I am very excited to support this legislation moving forward! Last week I introduced 3 pieces of legislation, they are House Bills: 1070, 1071, and 1072. House Bill 1070 is an act to clarify certain provisions of the rural access infrastructure improvements grant program. Last session we passed the Rural Access Infrastructure Grant Program which is designed to help counties and townships repair and replace small structures on secondary roads. The first priority of this bill was to conduct a full and accurate inventory of the small structures that are on our secondary road system. We are a little more than half way though the inventory and we have already inventoried about 2000 more structures than have ever previously been inventoried, which tells me that we are accomplishing our goal. The next part of our grant program is getting additional funding out to the counties to grant out to the townships, and this bill just makes some adjustments to how and when we are proposing to do that. We did appropriate $3M last session for these grants. House Bill 1071 is an act to make an appropriation for maintaining the drainage of Lake Andes and to declare an emergency. This is a funding request of $0.5M to assist in the inspection and possible repair of the culvert that drains Lake Andes. This bill is a work in progress and I will certainly have more to share as session moves forward. House Bill 1072 is an act to revise the safety zone within which a firearm may be discharged or trapping activities may occur. This bill is an update to code that changes the size of a posted safety zone from 660 ft to 300 yards. This applies to dwellings, churches, schools, and livestock and after looking at the ballistics data it makes very good sense to make this change. I anticipate this bill to be heard in the House Ag and Natural Resources Committee in the next week or two. If you would like any additional information on these issues or any other issues please contact me by email at or call me at 605-933-2042. Have a great week! Rep. Finck

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